November 27, 2009

How Add Google Talk Badge to Your Blog

A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. But the google talk badget not use animation picture like badge on Yahoo Messenget, it only show text with callouts like this:

How to get google talk badge

It easy, Goto Google Talk Badge Official Site then with your google account. copy and paste the HTML code in the below of page into your web page or blog. If the site that hosts your web page does not support direct HTML editing or embedded frames then click ‘Edit’ to select a style of badge that does not use frames.

Google Talk

How to add the badge code to your blog

For Blogspot, after login to your blogspot account goto your blog layout then in ad a widget Choose HTML/JavaScript and enter the code.

For Wordpress, Login tou your wordpress blog in the appearance click widget, ad a text widget, edit then enter the code. (your wordpress themes must widget ready, if no, add the code manually)

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