December 9, 2009

How to Search the Web Visually -Searchme

I just came across a really innovative search engine which lets you search the web visually when you search something on it, it shows you a preview image of the page you are about to visit and you get some idea where you are actually going. It is called Searchme yeah the name is a little frisky and catch your eye when you first read it somewhere. I personally like the name though at first it sounds like you are searching something about yourself or your own identity on web but not really it doesn’t do something like this.

In fact search me is a little more than a search engine apart from this new and cool feature of showing search results visually in form of slide show it also offers a lots of cool options to play with like you can make new stacks to save your desired or favourite search results into it and access anytime directly without searching again.

Another eye catching feature is that it let you select how the Searchme page looks two themes are available ‘day’ and ’night’ and both looks fantastic. You can filter Adult Content and a few other options. Creating stacks is also an easy job once you create stack just search for anything from the results Right click to any page you want to put in stack and select ‘Add in new stack’ or ‘Add in working stack’.

You can search the web for pages, images,, videos in many categories which makes Searchme more intelligent to grab what you really are looking for. This categorized search is comparatively a new feature and has potential to be famous the category list is vast see the below screenshot.

The result page is simple and more feels like browsing an image gallery. All the results shows in a slideshow which you can control with the seek bar available below the results you can also pick a result page and drag and drop here and there or directly in the stack. When you hover mouse pointer over any search result you see the excerpt or description to that page. The little button on the very bottom of the page let you see the results in text format.

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