December 23, 2009

How to Backup Firefox Plugin -FEBE

Everyone hate re-installing windows in case of any problem, because all the settings stored is lost and we need to start working from very scratch. The same is the case with Mozilla Firefox. When I open Firefox after a fresh windows installation I am not able to see my plugins there. This is kind of irritating for me because the one of the many plugin I cannot work without is last-pass which stores all my passwords and internet forms and secure notes.
FEBE is the last plugin you need to install to do just what you need the most – A Plugin Backup. With the FEBE add-on for Firefox, you can back up all the add-ons, plugins, themes and user settings. And it is pretty easy to use. The three awesome features of the add-on are:-
  1. Scheduled backups
  2. Selective backups
  3. Verification of the backup file
So all you need to do is to install FEBE after a fresh windows re-installation and you will have your previous Firefox back with you.
 Let us know which are your favorite Firefox plugins?

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