December 18, 2009

East-Tec Eraser 2009 For Free-Genuine

Softpedia in coordination with is offering East –Tec Eraser 2009 worth $49.95 absolutely free for a limited time period (expires Jan 31, 2010).

Tec Eraser is a military standared security software for permenently erasing all evidence of your computer and online activities.It can permanently remove cookies,confidential documents Web pages, pictures

East-Tec Eraser 2009 offers a privacy guard which erases sensitive information from your PC and your Internet activity.

ou can also delete entire disk drives or your USB stick or your rewritable CDs in a manner that no one can recover the information.It is very Handy,and very easy to use.

Moreover , you can permanently delete any individual file by right clicking on it.
You can get this free offer from here. Just enter your name and email address to get a free license key and download link.

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