November 7, 2009

WinPatrol -Tuneup Utility For Faster PC Startup

slow computer,computer faster,pc tune upImagine your PC has got a watchdog that is ever-vigilant, keeping an eye on the programs running on your PC and making plenty of noise when something seems out of place. WinPatrol does exactly this and more.slow computer,computer repairIt can easily make a slow computer to run faster with lower startup times and can be a good pc tuneup utility.

WinPatrol will
  • keep tabs on programs running on your PC including the hidden ones.
  • alert you if a program tries to install something unexpected.
  • block the offending programs from automatic startup or just monitor them to see what they do.
  • through delayed Start force non-essential programs to launch up to an hour after the system boots.
  • alert you about Spyware, Adware & nasty programs that may infiltrate your computer without your knowledge.
  • stop programs that repeatedly add themselves to your Startup List.
  • Delete and Remove the most Stubborn Infections.
What else can you ask for.

Installing WinPatrol is quick and easy. When you run WinPatrol you may not notice any changes at all. The only visible change you'll see is Scotty on guard down in your system tray. Whenever a new program is added to the Startup Programs list, Scslow computer,computer repairotty will warn you of the change. You will then see the name of the new program and can decide if this program is ok, or if it is suspicious.
Right clicking on a particular program will enable you to do many things like.
This button will not delete any programs from your hard drive. Instead it will remove only the entry for that program in the Startup Programs list, preventing the program from restarting every time your system does.
When you disable a program in WinPatrol it will automatically be removed. It will also be removed whenever it is detected in the future.
This button allows you to add a new program to the list of programs that will always start when you reboot or logon to your computer.
Delete File on Reboot
If after trying to remove a suspicious or dangerous program you find it still will not go away, right-click on the title of the program and select "Delete File on Reboot." This action will not take place until the next time you boot, but the file will be deleted before Windows starts and any other programs that may attempt to prevent its deletion. 
Dealing with Stubborn Programs
If you notice a Startup Programs entry keeps coming back after you disable or remove it, you should take a peek at the Active Tasks currently running. Sometimes malicious programs will come in pairs or groups that protect each other to prevent you from removing them.

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