November 23, 2009

Top Rapidshare Search Sites

I like to download much stuff like movies from the Rapidshare and other file sharing sites. Undoubtedly, Rapidshare is the best file sharing site used by many of us. There are many file sharing sites like megaupload but none of them is famous and easy as Rapidshare.

But to download any stuff, you need to have its download link and for that you need to search Rapidshare. There are many Rapidshare searching engines but here is the list of top 10 to make your life easier. (The sites are tested by me for links and time taken to display the result)

Some of these also provide you with option to search other file sharing sites like megaupload etc along with Rapidshare.

Top Rapidshare Search Sites (not in order):
1. Avun
2. Filez
3. Rapidlibrary
4. FilesBot
5. Rapidoogle
6. FileSearch
7. RapidshareSearchEngine
8. FileCrop
9. FilesTube
10. RapidshareLink

11.Wanna file

12.Megaupload Box


Some of you might be using another search site but these are some famous search engines for Rapidshare


  1. Try to use Files Bay ( Rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire search engine.