October 20, 2009

Verify Paypal without Credit Card

Verify Paypal without Credit Card [Legal Method]

This post will for all Indian residents who regularly use PayPal for sending or receiving money.

For adding funds in your PayPal account & lifting limits you would need a credit card. But as we all know not everyone is interested in having a credit card or some people are ineligible to be issued a credit card. A credit card can only be issued to a person above 18years of age and earning regular income.

First why not use Virtual Credit Card (VCC)…

Many people to use a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). But I don’t recommend it because the purpose of the PayPal verification is to validate your personnel information. Their goal is to verify the information given by you is correct. VCC’s cheat the system and do so in such a way that compromises the entire network. So even if you were able to verify using VCC, there is constant risk that PayPal might detect it and freeze your account. That’s why I don’t recommend using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Use E-wallet by ICICI Bank

E-wallet is a VISA card issued by ICICIbank. It works exactly like a normal credit card and it is accepted on all online stores(including PayPal). It would be issued under your name. You will also get regular online statements for it.

It is different from a normal debit/credit as:

  1. you won’t get a physical card.
  2. you have to fill it before doing any transaction via B2 Internet Banking. It works like a prepaid debit VISA card

How to Get an E-wallet

E-wallet service is a Part of ICICI b2 saving account. For getting E-wallet service you have to Apply for a B2 account. To know more about ICICI branch free banking service visit ICICI Bank b2 Homepage

Eligibility and charges: Its a free service without any charges and is available to all Indian residents. b2 account is also a zero balance account, so do not worry about minimum balance.

Verifying PayPal with E-wallet

  1. After your b2 account is activated (it takes 10-15 days) and you have moved money into this account via NEFT or Cheque deposit, login into your account. In summary tab, Under E-wallet Section click on “Allocate Funds”.
    Allocate Funds

    Allocate Funds

  2. Now Click on “Fill now” and follow other onscreen directions. If it asks you to enter few grid values from security card and you won’t know what to do, probably you haven’t received your security card yet, please wait for few more days. security card will be sent to you via postal mail.
    Fill Now

    Fill Now

  3. Please remember to fill your E-wallet with Higher amount like Rs2,500/-. Doing Transactions with international merchants in foreign currency need some extra balance. Don’t worry after completing verification you can withdraw this amount.
  4. Logon to you PayPal Account and go to Add your Card form to-do list. Now enter your E-wallet card number and other details. All this details can be found in your b2 saving account. check in Card > E-wallet
  5. Wait for 2-3days and check statement of your E-wallet for 4-digit PayPal code. Statement can be found in Card > E-wallet section > View statement
    View Statement

    View Statement

  6. Now login to your PayPal account and enter that four digit code! After you have successfully confirmed your card, PayPal will refund you that $1.95 USD.

Congrats, now you are a verified PayPal member and you have done that without using any unfair means.

Links: ICICI Bank b2 Homepage

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